Megyn Kelly against Black National Anthem at NFL Games

Megyn Kelly criticized the Super Bowl for getting «woke» by playing the Black National Anthem before the big game.

Megyn Kelly, a well-known journalist, is coming out this week to criticize the Super Bowl for getting «woke» by playing the Black National Anthem before the game on Sunday night.

Kelly said on her podcast, «Can I tell you, like, it wasn’t as bad as it’s been in the past, but it was a woke Super Bowl and it was annoying?»

«Why did we need the all-female flyover, which they did?» — Fox I mean, they even showed clips on Fox. «It’s a flyover for women only.» Oh, right. Okay, then. You helped me remember that women can also be pilots. She then said coldly, «I didn’t know that.»Then Kelly talked about Sheryl Lee Ralph singing the Black National Anthem.

«Then, of course, we had to have the Black National Anthem in addition to the normal national anthem, which is very controversial.» There is no reason for a Black National Anthem to be sung before the Super Bowl,» Kelly said. «But only one country has a national song. It brings us together. It’s about patriotism. It doesn’t make sense to divide us by race over something that already brings us together as a country.»

Kelly didn’t stop there. He then talked about how many «left-wing» celebrities were featured in Super Bowl ads.

«Then, left-leaning celebrities like Amy Schumer and Ben Affleck, who won’t even work with a Republican, were all over the ads. Kelly said, «He won’t work with anyone who is an open Republican.»



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