Whoopi Goldberg flaunts decapitated Barbie platform shoes on ‘The View’

She’s just another Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

On Tuesday’s episode of “The View,” Whoopi Goldberg, 67, made a serious fashion statement as she debuted a pair of shoes filled with disembodied Barbie doll heads, encased in the platforms of her sky-high heels.

The shoes appear to be the same ones made in 2013 by popular designer Jeffrey Campbell, which retailed for around $265 at the time, per StyleCaster.

The pair that Goldberg was sporting featured a white leather base with a clear wedge heel, making the decapitated doll heads fully visible to any passersby.

According to StyleCaster, the shoes weren’t an official collaboration with Mattel themselves, as the description on the shoes read “doll head” instead of “Barbie head.”

“Now, look, I love my Barbie, okay?” Goldberg said during the episode, as she lifted her leg to show off the wedges.But if you’re looking to copy the Academy Award winner’s style, you might need to save up some coin. On the secondhand fashion resale site Poshmark, one pair is going for almost $1,300.

The Post reached out to representatives for Goldberg and Jeffrey Campbell for comment.

It’s not the only Barbie artifact that’s selling for some big bucks. A bedazzled diamond doll just auctioned off for over $3,000 at Christie’s in Manhattan, while bids on eBay are going as high as $300 for Mattel’s discontinued Allan dolls, Ken’s best bud.

It’s unclear if Goldberg bought the shoes in honor of the much-anticipated premiere of the “Barbie” movie or if she’s had them in her closet all along — but the film was indeed the hot topic of conversation on “The View.”Moderators Joy Behar, 80, Sunny Hostin, 54, Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, and Sara Haines, 45, were responding to conservative commentator Ben Shapiro’s and other pundits’ criticisms about the movie, especially as it relates to its marketing to kids.

In a 43-minute video on YouTube posted this weekend, he labeled the Greta Gerwig-directed film as an “angry feminist claptrap that alienates men from women, undermines basic human values, and promotes falsehood all at the same time.”

However, this take didn’t seem to sit too well with Goldberg.“We make movies about all kinds of stuff,” she said, in part, during the segment. “We make movies about people who fly, we make movies about dolls that talk and walk.”

She continued, “They hit two things, they talk about the real world that everybody lives in, and they talk about Barbie world, and they’re two different things, and it’s meant to make you just think or pause,” Goldberg said. “It’s not meant to do anything but give you a good time. Go see the movie.”“Barbie,” starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, America Ferrera Will Farrell and Kate McKinnon, amassed a fortune in ticket sales during the opening weekend as its director, Greta Gerwig, smashed all previous box office records made by a female filmmaker.

It premiered at No. 1 in the US and earned $162 million in its first three days in domestic cinemas.



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