Riley Gaines Mops the Floor with “Ignorant” Whoopi and Joy on The View

During a recent taping of “The View,” Riley Gaines expressed her disappointment, stating, “Women deserve better, but you’ve let them down,” directed towards talk show hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar. Witnesses in the audience reported that Riley swiftly responded as soon as Whoopi began speaking.

Accusing Goldberg of not genuinely caring about women, Riley questioned if she was present when Lia Thomas supposedly took away her victory in a race. When Joy Behar attempted to join the conversation, Riley promptly shut her down, calling both hosts ignorant. Subsequently, she left the stage, informing producers that she had no intention of providing material for the show.

As a result, the segment was immediately scrapped, who admitted they learned a lesson from the encounter. The score stood at Riley Gaines: 1, and “The View”: 0.

After the show, Goldberg to inquire about the decision not to air the segment. Goldberg responded smugly, dismissing Riley’s outburst as nonsensical and driven by disappointment over her placement in a race. Consequently, the segment was discarded.

Despite the differing perspectives, Riley Gaines has gained attention from conservatives and is now regarded as a hero, earning her own category titled “Rewarding Riley Gaines” on certain websites.

Congratulations to Riley for fitting the expected mold.



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