FCC Fines The View $13.6M for Airing Kathy Griffin’s “Violence and Gore”

The FCC handed down its largest fine in more than a decade after Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar exchanged a nice laugh — and an un-blurred image of Kathy Griffin’s disgusting Trump head — on live broadcast television.

According to FCC Vice Chairman Joe Barron, there are very specific rules for violence and gore when your show can be seen by children in its 11 AM time slot.

“It wasn’t a great decision,” Barron told ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole, “all they had to do was blur the image, but these women love to buck the system.”

Their reluctance to play within the constraints of network television will once again cost ABC a bundle. Between lawsuits and now fines, the show has racked up more than $100 million in losses.”Newhole caught up with Goldberg, who expressed her appreciation that we’ve replaced Cynthia Luhu, because she “always thought it sounded a little racist towards Asians.” Apparently, she’s never read any Seuss.

“Still, I don’t comment on your stuff,” she said, “and tell that boss of yours that he’s not funny. I’m a little tired of the nonsense.”

Maybe she’d be less tired of the nonsense if she found out where it was coming from and interviewed that guy on national television since he’s only had about 4 of his 11 minutes. God Bless America.



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