What has Megan Rapinoe ACTUALLY done to combat injustice in America?

By now, many know that the United States has been eliminated from the World Cup. After a 0-0 result against Sweden, the two teams lined up for penalty kicks; in the end, Sweden advanced and the U.S. was sent home because a couple of U.S. players, including political lightning rod Megan Rapinoe, missed their shots.

He’s specifically thrilled that Rapinoe, whom he mockingly calls “The Great Gay Hope,” was one of the players who cost the team their spot in the tournament.

Jason blames Rapinoe for the descent of the entire team because instead of focusing on soccer, she spent her time and energy on “her brand and building herself up” in the political domain.

He also blames ESPN for feeding into Rapinoe’s toxicity. After the USWNT was eliminated, ESPN played a clip highlighting Rapinoe’s career and her political activism.

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“This is [the USWNT’s] worst finish ever … and so they play a three-minute feature of Megan’s fiance, Sue Bird, basically kissing her rear end,” says Jason in disgust.

Bird’s voice says: “Her patriotism is what has driven her to lend her voice to those who need it. When she started kneeling to protest racial inequality in the United States, she did it because she loved America and believed it could be a better version of itself.”

“I would love to know where she lives,” says Steve Kim in response to the video, and how many of the people “she says she’s trying to help” live in her community. “How much of her own money has she given to the causes? What has she done that’s actually tangible?”

“That is the issue I have with modern-day activism,” he continues. “It’s about hashtagging; it’s about complaining; it’s about going online and maybe holding a press conference and talking with certain buzzwords, but the actual execution of these ideas never actually takes place.”

If one thing is certain, it’s that Rapinoe has done a lot of hashtagging – the ESPN video even shows her sporting a T-shirt with #BlackLivesMatter, #StopAsianHate, #ProtectTransLives, and #Fight4ImmigrantRights on the back.

She’s also a fan of dropping buzzwords: “There’s no level of status that will protect you from the clutches of inequality,” Rapinoe stated in one video.

“What have you done really to stamp out racism other than point the finger?” asks Steve. “That is the most empty gesture you can make.”



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