Ted Nugent And Kid Rock Are Teaming Up For A New “No Frills – No Lies” Variety Show

Ted Nugent and Kid Rock are in talks with producers to put together a weekly variety show, most likely for a cable network or streaming service. The show will use satire, comedy skits, and music to highlight the ludicrous state of the American Left.

“They have a singular mission,” said Series Publicist Joe Barron, “and that’s to own the line. These two can easily come up with enough material for 42 minutes a week after commercials.”The rumor mill has some teeth to it. Other reports out of Miami, which has become the Hollywood of conservative actors and artists, say as many as 40 celebrities would gladly line up to make sure the show had at least two good seasons before they had to worry about how to stay original and competitive.

“I look forward to working with them both,” said Jon Voight, “I’ve enjoyed Ted’s music for years and Kid Rock is a heck of a DJ. They should call the show ‘Deplorable.’”

ALLOD Correspondent Tara Newhole caught up with Kid Rock and asked him about his latest encounter with a Bud Light and whether or not that would hinder the show’s performance. “He didn’t seem to understand what was happening,” said Newhole, “It may have been all the meth.”

Tara then spent a few minutes with Ted Nugent and got a complete tour of his dildo collection, which she called “impressive, especially his wife’s strap-ons.”

Having these two characters together for a show will certainly make a lot of waves. Here’s to Seeing Kevin Sorbo and the thick girl who played Cara Dune 11 times next season. God Bless America.



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