Sleepy Joe’s reaction to Kamala Harris’ latest word salad is PRICELESS

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have many things in common, the most notable being their mutual desire to implode the nation.

But they’re also on par when it comes to the art of rhetoric. Both are laughably inarticulate – she’s a master of word salads, while he’s adept at confusing everyone with his incoherent, slurred speech.At a recent roundtable meeting with President Biden, Al Sharpton, and other civil rights leaders, the VP delivered (or shall we say attempted to deliver) a speech about the Jacksonville shooting.

Per usual, her delivery was a hot mess.

“Our country was founded on many noble principles, including ‘e pluribus unum’ – out of many, one,” she begins, “and to live up to those ideals, I think at this moment in time requires moral clarity on behalf of every American about what is at stake right now.”

“The vast majority of us have so much more in common than what separates us, yet there are those who are intentionally trying to divide us as a nation,” she continues.“Yeah, two of them are sitting right there at that table,” interjects Pat Gray.

“I believe each of us has a duty – a duty to not allow factions to sever our unity,” she drones, adding that “our diversity is our strength, and our unity is our power as a nation.”If that gibberish wasn’t ironic, hypocritical, and ridiculous enough, just wait, because while Kamala blathers on and on about the threat to the unity of the country, Sleepy Joe is putting on his own show. Although we’re pretty sure he doesn’t even know it.

Pat plays the video again but this time zeroes in on the president, who looks like he just woke up after months of hibernation.

Not only is his mouth hanging open, but he also seems to be randomly flipping through the pages of his binder (at a glacial pace, of course).

“I think he realizes halfway through her speaking – ‘oh, you’re talking?”’ Keith points out.

“Close your mouth, Joe,” Pat says.Want more from Pat Gray?
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