Riley Gaines laughs off Milwaukee protesters after ‘f— you!’ chants: ‘Shiver me Timbers, I’m so scared!’

Riley Gaines laughed off demonstrators in Milwaukee who protested against her appearance at an event at the Leadership Institute ahead of the Republican presidential debate.

Protesters took to what appeared to be the quiet streets of Milwaukee and screamed, “F— you, Riley!” They shouted the phrase multiple times before yelling, “Go home Riley” and “Can’t swim Riley.”

Videos shared with Fox News Digital above and below show the demonstrations. The protesters also held up a sign that read, “Stop trans genocide” and “F— you Riley.””Shiver me Timbers, I’m so scared!!!!!!!!” she wrote on Wednesday.

She added: “the only things I’ve found protestors can say about me is 1) some variation of calling me a bigot 2) calling me ugly 3) telling me I should have just swam faster and trained harder if I wanted to win. But now we’ve unlocked ‘Go away’ and a sign that says ‘bye Riley.’”

Gaines also joked on the social media platform that the activists forced her into retirement.”Sike! If you really think this does anything other than make me chuckle and resort to prayer for them, you would be wrong. Trans genocide does not exist. I’m advocating for the bare minimum: privacy, safety, and fairness for women. & I CAN swim,” she wrote.

Earlier this month, Gaines was targeted by “hostile” demonstrators who gathered in Texas in opposition to the “Save Women’s Sports Act.”

Gaines was joined by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and others at the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame at Texas Woman’s University in Denton for a ceremonial signing of the bill, which had been signed into law in June.



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