Jason Aldean Refuses $1M Paycheck To Sing The National Anthem at the Super Bowl: “I’ll Do It For Free”

Jason Aldean was offered $1 million for just 3 minutes of his time — but he turned it down. According to a report, Aldean said he will definitely sing the National Anthem at next year’s Super Bowl, but he won’t take a dime to do it.

“I’ll do it for free,” Aldean said, adding that anyone who would take money for singing that song is un-American.Super Bowl Event Coordinator Joe Barron says he’s never had anyone turn down the money before, but that he’s not surprised. “Jason Aldean isn’t your typical guy. Just watch his video and listen to him sing. He’s something special.”

Aldean will sing the song without accompaniment — aside from his trusty banjo. It should be a great version of the country’s greatest song.ALLOD Forensic Journalist Tara Newhole spent some time investigating the story, and found that the whole thing may have been a bit blown out of proportion.

“What we have here is a case of mistaken satirical identity,” said Newhole, “First, the dumb stories about Jason Aldean happened, then came Anthony Oliver. This story seems to be a stolen version of an idea initially stolen from a stolen version of that concept, making the whole thing very difficult to follow.”

Difficult to follow or not, Aldean is definitely not getting a million bucks to play a song. God Bless America.



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