TRUE: Geraldo Rivera Vows To Never Return To “The View’ Due To Whoopi Goldberg’s Toxic Presence

Once upon a daytime TV saga, Geraldo Rivera, the erstwhile mainstay of Fox News, made a surprising foray into the lively realm of ABC’s ‘The View.’ However, as unpredictable as the spinning of a dramatic soap opera wheel, his stay was cut short. The reason? The vibrant co-host, Whoopi Goldberg, labeled by Rivera as ‘toxic.’

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The world of daytime television watched in awe, bemusement, and a dash of amusement as this saga unfolded. Rivera, fresh off his stint at Fox News, embarked on a journey into the ‘View’ wilderness, but his journey turned out to be shorter than a celebrity’s New Year’s resolution.

As if this plot needed any more twists, Rivera declared an oath that sounded like something straight out of a medieval drama. He vowed to never return to ‘The View’ as long as the ‘toxic’ presence of Goldberg prevailed. The world stood back, and watched this vow, all too aware of the drama that was still to come.

Rivera’s entry into ‘The View’ was seen as an intriguing experiment. A bit like trying to blend oil with water, or cats with dogs. A veteran journalist from the right-wing media giant, he seemed ready to stir up the co-host panel with a different perspective. Yet, it seems that Rivera, the seasoned pundit, had underestimated the force of nature known as Whoopi Goldberg.

The show started off with the expected pleasantries. Rivera, the new kid on the block, seemed to be acclimating well. But then, Goldberg unleashed her trademark energy, sparking a debate that made previous discussions on the show seem like peaceful picnics.

The breaking point came faster than a commercial break. Goldberg, with her articulate opinions and unyielding demeanor, unleashed a verbal storm. Rivera seemed as out of place as a polar bear in the Sahara desert.

The audience watched, spellbound, as this drama unfolded. The tension was palpable, the energy electric. Then, before anyone had the chance to reach for their popcorn, Rivera made his swift exit. His chair, still warm, stood empty as a testament to the quicksilver nature of this saga.

The drama didn’t end there. In a Shakespearean twist, Rivera declared his intent to never set foot on ‘The View’ again as long as Goldberg remained. His reference to Goldberg as ‘toxic’ had more zing than a hot sauce on a chilly day.

His description of Goldberg as ‘toxic’ raised more than a few eyebrows. After all, strong opinions on ‘The View’ are as common as pop-ups in a free online game. Declaring a panelist as ‘toxic’ for having a robust viewpoint was akin to declaring coffee to be hot – it’s an inherent part of the package.

Rivera’s vow, bold as it was, sparked a flurry of jokes, memes, and of course, the anticipated debates. Questions were raised – Will ‘The View’ now come with a toxicity warning label? Will Rivera return to the cocoon of Fox News? Or will he tread into another talk show, this time with a ‘toxicity’ meter at hand?

Rivera’s abrupt entrance and exit from ‘The View’ is now the stuff of legends, a fleeting yet memorable episode in the annals of daytime television. His vow to never return to the show as long as Goldberg is there adds yet another spicy ingredient to this already simmering soup.

So here’s to Geraldo Rivera, whose brief dance with ‘The View’ was high on drama and equally high on controversy. His next move is anyone’s guess, but one thing’s for certain – the saga of Geraldo Rivera is far from over. In the world of daytime television, his tale is one that will continue to be told, retold, and, of course, thoroughly enjoyed with a generous side of popcorn.



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