Oliver Anthony & “Rich Men North Of Richmond” Still Tops Billboard Chart For Second Week

Oliver Anthony has done it AGAIN!

It comes as no surprise that Oliver Anthony is serving as a voice for the people. Rich Men North Of Richmond is creating conversation and breaking records. The song also gained stream growth this week with about another 10 million streams on Spotify alone.

The song was also used by the RNC as apart of the first debate which honestly we have mixed feelings about. Oliver Anthony (whose real name is Christopher Anthony Lunsford) has insisted time and time again that the song is shaming both sides of the aisle and giving the voice to those who the government often forgets.

“I’ll say this, I sit pretty dead center down the aisle on politics and always have.

I remember as a kid, the Conservatives wanting war and me not understanding that, and I remember a lot of the controversies when the Left took office, and it seems like both sides serve the same master and that master is not someone of any good to the people of this country.”

With that said, Anthony also makes chart history independently. This rapid rise also marks Oliver becomes the first artist in HISTORY to debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 without previously appearing on any Billboard chart. But thats not all he is the only artist is history to not signed to a record label to hold the top spot on the all-genre chart.

In the weeks since it’s viral moment, the song has also soared to number one on both the iTunes All Genre and the iTunes Country chart, knocking Jason Aldean’s similarly strong Try That In A Small Town off its throne.

With struggle and conviction Oliver sings “I wish politicians would look out for miners / And not just minors on an island somewhere/Lord, we got folks in the street, ain’t got nothin’ to eat / And the obese milkin’ welfare/ Well, God, if you’re 5-foot-3 and you’re 300 pounds / Taxes ought not to pay for your bags of fudge rounds/ Young men are puttin’ themselves six feet in the ground / ‘Cause all this damn country does is keep on kickin’ them down.”

Oliver is is now followed by Luke Combs’ cover of Fast Car at No.2 Morgan Wallen’s viral hit Last Night at No.3. This is only the third time since the Hot 100’s inception in August of 1958 that three country songs have been taken gold, silver and bronze.



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