Megyn Kelly Claims Megan Rapinoe’s Soccer Team Lost Because She Was ‘Too Focused on Her Wokeism’

Megyn Kelly blamed the U.S. Women’s Soccer team’s recent loss on Megan Rapinoe’s personal politics on the Tuesday, August 8, installment of “The Megyn Kelly Show” podcast.

In a bitter rant, Kelly argued that the soccer star was “too focused on her wokeism” and that it “trickled down” to the rest of her team.

“Now, they’re losers. That’s what they are, they’re losers, that’s what happened,” the political commentator insisted. “I remain infuriated by it.”Kelly further clarified that despite her frustration, she “couldn’t care less” that the team lost. Instead, she said she was “hopeful that they will take a lesson from the fact that they’ve allowed themselves to be led into oblivion” by a woman who is allegedly “much more concerned about her Nike checks and Subway checks than she is about getting the big W.”

The former Fox News correspondent also pointed out that the activist — who previously referred to herself as a “walking protest” — was spotted laughing during and after the match, adding: “Can you imagine LeBron James losing an NBA final and laughing? Can you imagine the Miracle on Ice hockey team laughing after they lost? They wouldn’t. They took it so deadly seriously. They understood they had on the stars and stripes and that entire country was watching them for a reason.”

“She’s able to laugh, it’s all about her,” Kelly continued. “It trickled down to where – other than three girls who half—ed the national anthem…they wouldn’t sing [the national anthem]. They refused to honor the country.”



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