Jelly Roll Buying His Own Album at Walmart Is the Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day

Jelly Roll is currently on the road for his Backroad Baptism Tour, but he had a day off in Arkansas — Walmart’s home state — so he figured he would drop into a local store and pick up a copy of his own album, Whitsitt Chapel.

In the hilarious, full-circle video he shared to social media, Jelly Roll admits he grew up “dreaming of Walmart having my music in it.” The now-star starts the video by sharing that he’d be playing a show in Rogers, Ark., that night at the Walmart Center, and “it made me think of the last time I went to buy my album at Walmart, and they didn’t have any of my vinyls.”

Jelly Roll narrates his trip to Walmart for fans: He shows himself eagerly entering the store and says, “as you can see, I’m excited! Look at that, you see my little waddle, I’m waddling, I’m all fired up.”

As the country-rock-rapper continues to the store’s music section, he sees a full display of his vinyl records right in front.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Yes, baby!” he says, excitedly.

He appears grab about 10 copies of his vinyl records and even a CD. As he’s walking away, he’s approached by a woman who recognizes him and wants to take a picture together. She’s almost crying in disbelief that she is seeing Jelly Roll in the flesh, at Walmart.

Jelly Roll is in just as much disbelief to meet a fan, saying: “This is a big difference, when I went into a Walmart last time, they didn’t have my album and nobody knew me there.”



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