Elon Effect: Another Left-Wing Media Outlet Just Quit Twitter

National Public Radio recently left Twitter after the platform designated it as “state-affiliated media” before changing it to “government-funded media”.
In a similar turn of events, another liberal media outlet, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), has decided to bid farewell to the platform after receiving the same label.

CBC reportedly receives more than two-thirds of its funding from the Canadian government and expressed its disappointment by pausing activities on its corporate and news Twitter accounts.In a tweet, CBC News Alerts mentioned that the social media platform’s latest move to label public broadcasters with such designations has led to this decision.

When the CBC argued that it was only partially funded by the government, Elon Musk amusingly changed the label on the outlet’s Twitter account to display “69% Government-funded Media”.
Musk’s “Twitter Daily News” clarified the reasoning behind the decision, including data from the CBC’s own annual report from 2021-2022, highlighting the considerable funding provided by the Canadian government.



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