Joy Behar refused to film ‘The View’ segment with ‘Jersey Shore’ cast amid Snooki drama

Joy Behar allegedly refused to be part of the “Jersey Shore” cast’s latest appearance on “The View” due to her longstanding issues with Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.

Polizzi’s makeup artist and “It’s Happening” podcast co-host, Joey Camasta, claimed to Page Six on Wednesday that the 80-year-old “chose not to be in the segment and was hiding the whole time.”According to Camasta, Behar decided to opt out of the interview because things got a little awkward between her and the cast during their last couple of appearances on the show.“So then this time when we went back, she famously was not in the segment, so she stayed away,” Camasta, who was standing “off to the side” during the interview, said.

Reps for “The View” and Behar did not immediately respond to Page Six’s request for comment. However, a source close to production told Page Six that “there is no truth to” Camasta’s comments.“It was a production decision to have three of the five co-hosts in the segment to make space for their seven cast members so everyone gets a chance to talk,” the insider told us.
Behar allegedly “didn’t want to be involved” due to past tensions between her and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi.
Days after the interview, Polizzi confirmed that there was still some tension between her and Behar, who she called the “rudest celebrity” she’s met since rising to fame 14 years ago.

On an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” last week, host Andy Cohen asked the cast about their worst celebrity encounters and the 35-year-old didn’t hesitate to shout Behar’s name.“Joy was so mean to me,” the MTV star added.

“She cornered me in the bathroom!” Polizzi alleged, before adding, “And said, ‘You’re not Italian!’”

In fact, Behar admitted to telling someone from the cast that they are “not even Italian” during a 2010 episode of “The View” — yet she never revealed who.Not only that, but the “View” host referred to the cast as “stupid,” saying that people are “laughing at them, not with them.”

According to the MTV star, Behar once “cornered” her in the bathroom and told her she was not Italian.
Bravo“Let me tell you something about those kids, OK. I grew up with kids who were just like that,” Behar said at the time. “This is personal. I was picked on by kids like that.”

In response to the “rant,” Polizzi made a viral eight-minute video mocking the host in 2011.“You know why I don’t like them?” Snooki, imitating Behar, said. “Because these people ruined my life in high school and that’s why I have to talk s—t about them on my little talk show … I’m a hater … but deep inside, I’m f—king obsessed with Snooki.”

However, the “Jersey Shore” star later admitted on the “Wendy Williams Show” that she felt “bad about [the video]” and apologized to Behar.

A few days later, the talk show host revealed that she thought the parody “was very funny” and accepted the apology.However, it looks like it’s not all water under the bridge.



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