Whoopi Goldberg Mortifies ‘The View’ Producer by Explaining the Struggles of Pool Sex: “It’s Not Easy”

Whoopi Goldberg treated us to a little sex ed on this morning’s episode of The View as she helpfully explained in detail the struggles of having sex in a pool … much the dismay of poor executive producer Brian Teta.

While she was originally unimpressed by the Hot Topic at hand — which focused on a Wall Street Journal story about romance, or lack thereof, on vacation — Goldberg perked up again when the chat turned a little more explicit.

After Joy Behar suggested that “the best sex is in Italy” and later praised the merits of sex on the beach (the drink and the act), Goldberg chimed in with her own take, calling the practice and the beverage “overrated.”

“You know if you try to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy,” she said, explaining, “You’re trying to go up the hill and you’re getting resistance from the water that is within.”

Her theory had Behar dipping her head in laughter as the audience whooped and cheered, which only egged Goldberg on.

“When you’re in the pool, you are surrounded in the water. Have you ever tried to put anything—” she said, then paused before continuing as Behar cautioned, “Watch it, now,” and Alyssa Farah Griffin added, “Brian’s gonna send us to commercial.”

Goldberg then called out Teta, asking, “Oh, you’re trying to move me on, right?” and the producer confirmed as much, putting his hand to his forehead in embarrassment and nodding as he leaned over the control table.Goldberg played right along, saying, “You tell me get engaged in the conversation. Then I start to get engaged and you want me to stop talking!”

Teta simply smiled and nodded urgently, eager to end the R-rated chat, but Sunny Hostin wasn’t so ready to move on.

“I was learning things,” she said to Goldberg, who told her, “Yes, well these are things you already know that you maybe don’t know that you know ’cause you haven’t done it for a long time.”

When Hostin suggested she “maybe never did it,” Goldberg said she didn’t believe her.

“If you’ve never done any of these things that are in my brain right now? I’m a natural-born blonde,” she said. And with that, Sex Ed with Whoopi official came to a close … but something tells us the NSFW chat only got steamier during the commercial break.



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