‘Live With Kelly & Mark’: Kelly Ripa Sarcastically Reminds Mark Consuelos That He Only Went to His Children’s Back to School Night “One Time”

It’s that time of year when kids (and parents) are gearing up to go back to school. Luckily for Mark Consuelos, his three offspring have fled the coop and he no longer needs to attend those “annoying” back-to-school nights — even if he only ever went to one, as Kelly Ripa revealed.

On this morning’s episode of Live with Kelly and Mark, the co-hosting duo recalled a time when their lives revolved around sending their kids back to school. However, for them, it was a much more complex process than it was when they were younger.

“I don’t know about you guys in the audience, but, at least our kids’ schools, it wasn’t like when we went to school,” Ripa said. “The bus rolled up, you got on the bus, day after Labor Day and that was it. Your parents went to the parent-teacher conference in November.”

Instead, the longtime host said her children had a “gentle entry” when they were young — which meant she had to accompany them to the first days of classes. According to her, each day the parents stayed for less and less time.

“After six months, you’re finally sending your kids to school full-time,” Ripa joked.Meanwhile, Consuelos didn’t have the fondest memories of back-to-school nights when the kids got older. In fact, he went as far as to call them “annoying” — much to his wife’s dismay.

“Oh, did that annoy you? The one time that you attended that?” Ripa shaded.

Ignoring her, Consuelos remembered being given “homework” by the teachers at the annual event. He said they would give a “math problem” and, surprisingly, Ripa would get it right “every year.”“He’s great at math and he’d math it up and everybody’s doing these mathy things,” she said. “And I’m sitting there — because I have no math skills whatsoever — but I also know what I know. And I was like, ‘These numbers represent letters in the alphabet and it’s a message.’ Sure enough, I was right and my kids’ class won pizza.”



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