Just in: Whoopi Loses It, Gets Kicked Off Her Own Show

In a shocking turn of events, Whoopi Goldberg, the longtime host of the popular talk show “The View,” has been kicked off her own show after a heated on-air outburst.

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According to sources close to the show, Whoopi lost her temper during a segment discussing the latest political scandal. As her co-hosts attempted to steer the conversation back on track, Whoopi grew increasingly agitated and began shouting over everyone.

“You’re not listening to me!” she reportedly screamed. “I’m the host of this show, and I demand to be heard!”

When her co-hosts tried to calm her down, Whoopi allegedly threw her coffee mug across the set, narrowly missing one of the producers. At that point, the show’s producers made the decision to cut to a commercial break and remove Whoopi from the set.

Fans of the show were stunned by the news, taking to social media to express their disbelief and disappointment. Many praised Whoopi for her years of service to the show, while others criticized her for her behavior.

Some even speculated that the outburst may have been related to recent tensions between Whoopi and one of her co-hosts, with rumors swirling that the two have been feuding off-camera.

Regardless of the cause, it seems that Whoopi’s time on “The View” has come to an abrupt and unexpected end. The show’s producers have yet to comment on the situation, but sources say that they are already searching for a replacement host to fill Whoopi’s shoes.

In the meantime, fans of the show will have to tune in to see who will take over as host and how the show will move forward without its longtime anchor.



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