Jason Whitlock slams USA World Cup star Megan Rapinoe – calling her ‘the Andrew Tate of LGBTQ feminism’ and says she ‘hates America because she hates herself’

Jason Whitlock says it is ‘unpatriotic’ to support the USA at the women’s World Cup and called Megan Rapinoe ‘the Andrew Tate of LGBTQ feminism’.

In a tweet about his latest podcast, Whitlock said he is not supporting the USA at the World Cup and hopes they lose the next game on Sunday against Sweden.

‘In the history of sports, no team has needed a comeuppance more than our women’s soccer team,’ he wrote. ‘Rooting against this American Nightmare is not unpatriotic. Rooting for them is.’

Then, in a separate post, he rounded on Rapinoe with a post captioned: ‘Imagine spending billions of dollars and fifty years to create an unbeatable women’s soccer team, and the players on that team using their government paid-for platforms to demonize their investors. That’s the women’s national soccer team. That’s Megan Rapinoe.’

Whitlock said: ‘Rapinoe is the ultimate pimp. She is the Andrew Tate of LGBTQ feminism. She sees herself as a force for good, a force for freedom and proper femininity.

‘She believes she is a threat to the establishment. She is popular, she is wealthy beyond her imagination, sexually liberated and adored by her followers. She is a fraud. She hates America because she hates herself. She is toxic. Her attitude pervades the national team. At 38, she is only on the roster to further burnish her brand. ‘The younger players mirror the attitude of the team’s biggest star. They have little interest in representing America and competing at the highest level. They want to go viral and cash in on the dfeminism pimp game.’Don’t waste a second questioning your disdain for this team and Rapinoe. They deserve it.

‘We poured everything we had into their success – diminished opportunities for boys and men for their success. And they repay us with ingratitude.’The US team is bidding for its third straight World Cup triumph, which would be a record for any soccer team in the women or men’s game. Rapinoe is retiring after the tournament – a decision she announced before the competition got underway in Australia and New Zealand. She currently has 201 caps for the USA and has scored 63 goals, winning the World Cup twice in that time.’I’ve been able to have such an incredible career, and this game has brought me all over the world and allowed me to meet so many amazing people,’ Rapinoe said.

‘I feel incredibly grateful to have played as long as I have, to be as successful as we’ve been, and to have been a part of a generation of players who undoubtedly left the game better than they found it. ‘To be able to play one last World Cup and one last NWSL season and go out on my own terms is incredibly special.’

Rapinoe is engaged to Sue Bird, a former WNBA player. They got engaged in 2020 but have not yet tied the knot.



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