WOAH, WHOOPI! The View fans go wild as Whoopi Goldberg makes surprise ‘appearance’ during Ana Navarro’s vacation amid show hiatus

THE VIEW fans have gold wild after hearing a reference to Whoopi Goldberg during a clip from Ana Navarro’s vacation.

Ana shared a clip to her personal Instagram this week from a trip on an Azamara Voyages cruise ship.”Current situation,” Ana captioned the clip.

“Playing Movie Trivia on @azamaravoyages. I may need to Phone-A-Certain-Friend.”

One of the trivia questions was “In 1992, which Whoopi Goldberg movie was hyped as ‘No sex, no booze, no men, no way’?”

“I know this one, I know this one,” Ana said excitedly.”Whoop, I may need to call a friend,” she said with a giggle.

The answer to the trivia question is the movie Sister Act, which Whoopi starred in.

Fans descended on the comments of the Instagram post to answer for Ana and to gush over the Whoopi reference.

“Sister Act chica!” one wrote.”It’s good that you got Sister Act right! A certain friend of yours would be upset if you had missed it!” joked another.

“Ana did you have to FaceTime Whoopi for that question on her movie?” a third asked.

Alex Martin, Whoopi’s daughter, recently admitted that her comedian mother was not as humorous in their home environment.

In an exclusive interview with Cannabis Cactus, the 50-year-old explained why it wasn’t a laughing matter living with Whoopi.

“The funny woman you see on TV is also my mother, and growing up, seeing her on different stages as a comedian and an actor, let’s just say, she’s not very funny when she’s grounding me for sneaking out of the house as a teenager,” she said.

She is set to collaborate with her mother and her daughter, Amara Skye, who was previously featured on Claim to Fame, in their new cannabis brand called Emma & Clyde.

Sharing her vision for the brand, Alex told Cannabis Cactus, “My hope is to leave the footprint of longevity on a family affair, where we can create organic, high quality products for generations of medical patients and recreational users.”

“We just want to contribute to developing high quality products that make people feel good and that we also love ourselves.”

This upcoming wellness brand pays homage to Whoopi’s mother and brother and is set to debut this fall.

“Emma & Clyde will be a more recreational line of products. The name is an homage to my mother and brother who also liked a little bit of cannabis every now and then,” Whoopi said.

The offerings from the brand will feature “edibles, pre-rolls, flowers, and various accessories.”

Whoopi has always seen cannabis as an essential element of her life, guided by “her belief in its healing properties and the need to debunk the propaganda that has plagued its image.”

The objective is to offer comfort and relief to users via her curated products.

She envisions the brand to be “elegant and accessible,” attracting a broad audience while working to erase the existing stigma around cannabis.

Earlier this week, Whoopi announced she would be receiving a prestigious award from Fashion Group International (FGI) in New York City.

The annual Night of Stars gala by FGI is scheduled this fall at The Plaza Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

The event is renowned for recognizing “extraordinary talents” across diverse domains.Whoopi is confirmed to personally accept the American Icon award at the gala.

For those who can afford it, tickets for this charitable event are available and are priced at a premium $2,000 each.



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