Whoopi Goldberg Walks Off ‘The View’ Mid-Debate, Confusing Her Co-Hosts: “I’m Leaving Y’all”

Whoopi Goldberg confused her fellow View co-hosts on this morning’s episode of the long-running daytime talk show as she appeared to walk off the set mid-debate.

During the Hot Topics segment, the ladies discussed Miranda Lambert‘s decision to call out some front-row selfie-takers at her recent Las Vegas concert. In the clip, the country singer said the attendees were “pissing” her off as they should’ve been paying attention to the show rather than their phones.

(Editor’s Note: The View is currently on hiatus; despite what you may have heard, The View was not canceled today. This article was originally published on July 18, 2023, when this episode first aired. The View will return with new episodes in September 2023.)

Alyssa Farah Griffin kicked off the convo by admitting she sees both sides to the argument.

“I don’t like the culture of, like, you go to concerts to live through your phone and not be present and respect the performer,” she began. “But I also think it was a little bit over-the-top of a reaction. People paid money for those tickets, they want to be there, they’re trying to enjoy The longtime moderator only dug her heels in further as Sunny Hostin put herself on the side of the concertgoers, who spent more than $700 on their VIP tickets.

“You know what? Stay home,” Goldberg fumed. “If you’re gonna spend $757 to come to my concert, then give me the respect of watching me while I’m doing my thing. Or don’t come!”

When Hostin noted that they may want to “relive” the experience through the photos and videos taken on their phones, a frustrated Goldberg rose from her chair and walked back toward the audience, leaving her co-hosts puzzled.

“Turn on the television, girl! I’m leaving y’all,” she told the panel, before explaining what she was actually doing. “Because I want to take a picture with this marvelous woman who is 91. So we’re gonna do a selfie.”themselves.”

However, Goldberg cut Griffin off to defend Lambert.

“No they don’t want to be there,” she declared. “If they paid money for the tickets, they came to see her. So if she’s singing, at least a little respect.”

Goldberg continued, “She can see what you’re doing and she can see that you’re ignoring. It’s like being a lounge singer. You go into a bar, somebody’s at the piano, and nobody’s listening. That’s what it’s like for her. I’m just saying.”



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