Whoopi Goldberg rips View producer for cutting off her detailed ‘pool sex’ story after begging her to ‘be more engaged’

The moment happened on Wednesday’s episode of The View while the panelists were discussing a steamy topic.

Moderator Whoopi, 67, introduced the topic by referring to a Washington Post article about how couples find it harder to be intimate while on vacation.

The actress immediately scoffed at the story, even ripping up her notecard to show that she disagreed with the findings.

Shortly after, her co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, 34, shared percentages from the study calculating how many people fantasize about having sex in various public places.

This prompted Whoopi to share a seemingly personal story about the difficulties of having sex in a pool.If you tried to have sex in the pool, you know that’s not easy,” the talk show host revealed to the studio audience.

Her co-host, Joy Behar, 80, asked Whoopi to elaborate on her comment, but viewers got more than they bargained for.

“Because you’re trying to go up the hill, and you’re getting resistance,” the TV star explained.

Joy still looked confused by her colleague’s explanation, so Whoopi tried to break it down further.”From the water that is within,” the Ghost actress added, gesturing the movements with her hands.

Her fellow panelists looked stunned and didn’t know how to respond to Whoopi’s story as the audience giggled.

Joy eventually replied: “Okay,” while rolling her eyes.

But Whoopi didn’t stop there.

“Because when you’re in the pool, you’re surrounded in the water,” she continued.

“Have you ever tried to put anything…” the TV personality began before Joy warned, “Watch it now!”

Alyssa also seemed uncomfortable and told her co-host: “Brian [Teta]’s going to send us to commercial!” mentioning the show’s producer.

Whoopi then called out to Brian, standing off-stage, and bashed him for trying to cut to a commercial break.

“Oh, you’re trying to move me on now, right?” she said as the camera flashed to Brian with his head in his hands.

“You tell me, ‘Get engaged in the conversation.’ Then I start to get engaged, and you want me to stop talking,” the Oscar winner complained.

Whoopi then attempted to move on to another topic but was cut off as music began to play, signaling a commercial break.

Fans commented on the incident online, with one person tweeting: “They don’t want Whoopi talkin bout sex. Cuz she gets really graphic and descriptive. Lol @TheView #TheView.”

Several others agreed that Whoopi might have gone overboard with her descriptive storytelling.

The New York native again got possibly too into a topic on Thursday’s show while the panelists discussed on-screen love affairs.

Her co-host Sunny Hostin, 54, referenced an interview where actress Jessica Chastain mentioned that the romantic intensity between her and Oscar Isaac’s characters in Scenes From a Marriage was affecting their real-life friendship.

Whoopi confessed that people talking feeds the idea that the co-stars have underlying romantic feelings for each other when they engage in on-camera love affairs.

Joy, however, challenged Whoopi’s assertion.

“You can’t deny it, Whoopi; sometimes in these films, they [actors] are getting into it because that’s the scene,” the comedian countered.

Whoopi maintained her viewpoint, informing that she’s “been around a lot of actors” who were not into the love scenes because they’re “people in the room with you,” which makes it “not intimate.”

Joy then recalled a story about two actors from the 1930s who had such an intense love scene while filming that they got to “third base.”

Fellow panelist, Sara Haines, 45, asked her to define what is considered third base, to which Joy responded that she knew nothing about sports, but she did know “something about sex.”

Producers began playing the music when Joy said the word sex, signaling that it was time to cut to a commercial break.When Whoopi began replying to Joy, producers raised the volume on the outro music.

“Yes, I hear the music,” the Tony winner told producers, who appeared to be pushing her to wrap up her speech.



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