Whoopi Goldberg, Horrifies ‘The View’ Producer After Sharing Too Much About Her Sex Life On-Air

Whoopi Goldberg, 67, offered up cringeworthy details about her sex life during a live conversation on The View, and the discussion couldn’t end fast enough for one embarrassed producer, has learned.

Much to the producer’s horror, Goldberg candidly spoke about the logistics of hooking up in a swimming pool, while co-host Joy Behar, 80, revealed her thoughts on where “sex is best.”The awkward moment kicked off when Goldberg introduced the topic and told viewers, “As we get closer to vacation, vacation things seem to get closer to us.”

“While having great sex on vacation can be a good way to reconnect, noisy hotels, sunburns, and food poisoning can kill any chance of romance,” Goldberg continued as the co-hosts began divulging their opinions on vacation sex.

Behar chimed in that “sex is best” when vacationing in Italy.

A lone producer who stood off-camera shook his head as the discussion quickly went downhill.Behar joked that “there must be something in the food” that made Italian romance better, to which Sunny Hostin replied, “It’s the wine.”

After a statistic was read about a survey revealing a common fantasy, Goldberg took the conversation up a notch as she exclaimed, “Sex on the beach is overrated!” When Behar asked if the comedian meant the act or the drink, Goldberg laughed, “Both!”



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