Whoopi Cries in Her Review of “Barbie” on The View

Whoopi Goldberg yesterday, took a few moments on her morning television talker The View to describe and review the new hit film “Barbie”, by Warner Brothers and Hasbro. This took place in the ten o’clock hour.

What started out as a common movie review quickly degenerated into a tearful and glomming lovefest of the motion picture. Whoopi evidently really liked the movie and couldn’t recommend it any higher.

“It was so very very empowering to the great cause of feminism and women’s rights across the ages,” she sobbed uncontrollably, gently wiping her eyes with a tissue. “It’s a definite A plus movie. Please, if you have kids, take them to go see it now.”

Co-host Sunny Hostin agreed, admitting that she’d seen it twice just last Sunday with her family.

“What I liked is that it really brought out Ken’s sensitivity as a man, and it spoke to that normally covered-up masculine femininity vibe that we usually don’t see in society. Absolutely amazing.”The show’s guest, actress Dame Sandra Batt, who starred as “Pikachu” in several episodes of the cartoon series “Pokemon”, was impressed, and vowed to take her friends and family this coming week.

“It sounds absolutely wonderful, just amazing,” she gushed.

In the meantime, small independent science Fiction film “The Sound of Freedom” fell to 35th place, earning an average of $32 per screen. The formerly popular movie made conservatives feel important about child abduction for five minutes.



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