MAJOR HONOR! Whoopi Goldberg announces major career news during time away from The View

WHOOPI Goldberg announced some important career news away from her status as The View’s moderator.

The 67-year-old is being honored with an award from New York’s Fashion Group International (FGI).Fashion Group International is hosting a fall gala at The Plaza Hotel in Midtown Manhattan in October.

The event is called the FGI Night of Stars and is an annual fundraiser meant to recognize the achievements of “outstanding individuals” in a variety of categories.

Whoopi is being honored with the American Icon award at FGI Night of Stars.

She will make an appearance at the event alongside other honorees.Other winners include musician and co-founder of Maestro Cares Foundation, Marc Anthony, who will receive the Humanitarian Award.

The 39th annual gala is open to the public.

Whoopi’s fans can attend by purchasing a ticket that will benefit the fundraiser by clicking here.

However, these tickets are exorbitantly expensive.They start at $2,000 and climb from there to a whopping $30,000 for a table of 10 guests.

For The View fans or faithful Whoopi followers, it might be better to wait until after the event and pore over video clips and pictures.

Meanwhile, Whoopi has fans worried that she won’t be making a return to The View for the next season.

Whoopi and the rest of The View cast are on a break before season 27 starts on September 5.

On Wednesday, a promotional video for the next season was unveiled, which revealed the entirety of the cast would be returning for the new episodes.

The clip captured the women, all approaching the microphone to offer three words describing the upcoming season.

Each panelist humorously predicted the content of the approaching episodes, with the exception of Whoopi, who hadn’t shown up yet.

As the video neared its conclusion, Ana inquired, “Is Whoopi around?” leading the actress to briefly show her face from behind some equipment.

“I’m here,” declared the host.

“Catch you all next season. Keep the conversation going!” before she moved back out of view.

However, fans were left uneasy by Whoopi’s late appearance, speculating about her potential absence from the series.

But as it turns out, they had little to worry about.

After Ana shared the clip on Instagram, it inspired a fan to comment: “I got scared for a moment cause I didn’t see Whoopi. She is a must on the View. Love you Whoopi.”

A second fan wrote: “Don’t scare me like that Ms. Whoopi.”

Another concerned viewer commented: “Whoopi you scared the crap out of me when I didn’t see you until the end. Come on girlfriend don’t do that.”Yet another frazzled fan also wrote: “Cannnot waittt! And you know we were all on edge thinking Whoopi wasn’t coming back. Well played. Favorite cast ever, and I’ve been watching forever.”

Whoopi usually takes Fridays off from the talk show, which means Joy acts as moderator on those days.



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