Jason Aldean Set to Star in Remake of “Hard Day’s Night”

If anyone’s rise to fame can be called “meteoric”, it’s definitely new country star Jason Aldean. From his humble small town beginnings to his smash number one hit “Try That In a Small Box”, he’s certainly riding the rails of victory right now.

And adding on to his runaway fame, Aldean has just been cast in Hollywood’s upcoming huge reboot of the old Beatles classic film “Hard Day’s Night”, where he will be playing musician Paul McCartney.

Casting director Sandra Batt says the entire crew was hugely excited to have Aldean try out, and the enterprise feels blessed that he acquiesced to portray the giant Megastar.Aldean considers himself personally blessed as well to attempt to play the role of the rock and roll legend, even though he’s a mousy little country music dickhead.

“I didn’t have a whole lot of competition, really,” he says while eating watermelon at a Texas barbeque. “There was me and Walter Goggins and Josh Brolin, who can play anyone with enough makeup. I think he’s gonna be John Lemon.”

Aldean is also being considered for a big budget reboot of the “Ernest” series. Try THAT in a small town, indeed!



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