Kid Rock’s “No Snowflakes” Tour Sells Out All 30 Shows in Under an Hour

Kid Rock wanted the country to know he was there for them — the real Americans — when he booked and named his “No Snowflakes” tour.

The country has now paid him back…in ticket sales.In just under an hour, all 30 shows on this summer’s tour sold out, making it the fastest single-day sellout of a 30-date-tour in the history of live music.

Kid says he’s stunned and humbled by the fans, who he says adore him “for good reason” and should be honored to see him live.

“They really are the best,” he told Fox News.

The show will feature all of Kid’s hits, including the three from the 90s as well as that one with Sheryl Crow.

Crow says she “wouldn’t be caught dead” touring with Kid Rock since his “inability to think for himself” seems to have overtaken any kind of common sense he “may have once had.”Other musicians will definitely be joining the fray, however. Ted Nugent is planning to show up but it’s unclear if Kid will let him play.

“He’s not very good,” he told Donald Trump Jr at that Christmas party.

Tickets will likely be available again tomorrow at twice the price after the resellers do their thing, so all of this is kinda BS, but still.They think the show will sell out, otherwise, they wouldn’t bother buying the nosebleeds. God Bless America.



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