After Donald Trump’s Taunt, Megan Rapinoe Deemed to Be ‘Female Version’ of Colin Kaepernick

About a week ago, Megan Rapinoe was dominating the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Over the years, she’s been known for standing up for several causes, notably equal pay and LGBTQ+ rights. Following the USWNT’s elimination from the Women’s World Cup, the soccer veteran was subject to constant criticism from the fanbase and soccer pundits. Some time ago, a popular writer shockingly called Rapinoe a ‘blue-haired’ Colin Kaepernick.

Not many would have thought that Rapinoe and Kaepernick would be two names that would appear in a single sentence. Seemingly, they do have a thing in common. Their views on certain ongoing practices in the US have garnered a lot of attention. During their careers, both athletes have had a controversy surrounding the national anthem of America. A few days ago, Federalist Staff Writer Shawn Fleetwood, had a few strong words for the OL Reign star.

He quoted, “Megan Rapinoe loves America in the same way that Joe Biden loves his seventh grandchild that he’s neglected for four years. It’s just so obvious that she has utter disdain and hatred for America”. Without a doubt, the above line was quite an eye-opener. But Fleetwood wasn’t done yet. Further, he said, “[Rapinoe] really wants to become the blue-haired, female version of Colin Kaepernick”“She wants the documentaries, she wants the brand deals with companies like Nike, [and] the book deals”. Since US Women’s soccer team’s elimination from the grand tournament, most players especially Rapinoe have tried to remain out of this whirlwind. The soccer veteran did post an emotional statement for the fanbase. Apart from that, she hasn’t responded to any of the criticism at all.

A few weeks ago, former President of the US, Donald Trump was in the headlines. Mainly because of his hard-hitting words for the USWNT. What did he actually say? Let’s dive deeper.

Donald Trump’s criticism of Rapinoe and the USWNT
One of the main reasons why Rapinoe received so much criticism is because she missed a crucial penalty kick during the shootout. Had she converted, the reality could have possibly turned out to be quite different. But the ‘three-peat’ dream just wasn’t meant to be. While some of the fans were quick to sympathize with the team, former US President Trump had different ideas.



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