Megan Rapinoe ‘needs help’ and ‘doesn’t understand science or doesn’t care for women’ according to Jorge Masvidal

Recently retired UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal has gone in on Megan Rapinoe – and more specifically, her desire to be inclusive and allow biological men to invade women’s sports and lack of patriotism.

The divisive USA soccer player was the poster girl for the USWNT’s embarrassing Round of 16 exit at the World Cup in Australia this month. Among other things, a portion of the States was pleased to see her exit due to her lack of appreciation for America.

‘I think you need help,’ Masvidal told Outkick’s Charly Arnolt. ‘And I don’t mean that in a bad way. ‘Maybe just to hear the other side of the coin, because America is the greatest experiment ever. For you to hate on this thing that has brought freedom and economic wealth to the whole world, it’s just crazy.

‘I dare her to move to anyone of these countries that she’s talking about – she won’t! Because this is the greatest country on earth and she just won’t admit it.’

Rapinoe has critiqued the state of America, and also oft reiterated her hopes for greater inclusivity; refuting the rhetoric that a ‘real woman’s place’ would be taken by a biological male-turned-transgender woman. Masvidal, though, sees it differently.

‘She’s probably somebody that either doesn’t understand how actual science works or doesn’t care for women to have records, it’s just not fair,’ he said.’It’s a different it’s a different thing. There’s some things that women are so much better than men or whatever, but competing like that. It’s just not fair.’

‘In my many years of my pro career, 28 years being on the mat, I’ve seen what happens when men and women spar and do both full speed. It’s a different kind of strength, it’s a different ligament strength. The testosterone, the bone density or our density, like how we could take a hit to give a hit. Women, I would never.

As for whether Masvidal would ever allow for a crossover fight in his Gamebred Fighting Championship promotion?

‘I would rather bankrupt the company than ever let a man fight a woman unless the woman wanted to go into the men’s division because she was like the greatest woman of ever and she wanted to come into the men’s.’

Masvidal did say if a transgender athlete wanted to fight it would only be possible for them to face another trans person.

To further reiterate the difference between female and male fighters, Masvidal used one of the best in the female game.

‘Like, if Amanda Nunes, the greatest women’s fighter. If she competed against some of the top five guys at 135. I think a lot of people would watch just because she was so dominant beyond belief.’

‘No chance. No chance just on the strength department. It is like just something on that alone until you see it happen, it’s unbelievable. Like you could get a girl like Amanda’s caliber against a guy that’s not in the UFC and just on the strength department, but literally manhandle, you know, no pun intended.’

Masvidal retired from the UFC in April after losing to Gilbert Burns at UFC287 in his hometown of Miami.

But, he hinted that a return could be imminent while speaking to TMZ earlier this month.



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