Box Office Analyst Thinks Disney’s ‘Snow White’ Will Pull In Just Half The Box Office Numbers Of Underperforming ‘Little Mermaid’

Box office analyst Valiant Renegade believes that Disney’s upcoming “Snow White” remake will pull in just half the box office totals of “The Little Mermaid,” which failed to turn a profit.

The upcoming “Snow White” live-action remake features Rachel Zegler, a Hispanic actress, in the lead role. In what is perhaps the most notable change from Disney’s 1930’s classic, the iconic seven dwarves have been replaced by a hodge-podge of grown adults.

Leaked images from the set of the film have been largely panned by critics, as have statements by Zegler. “It’s no longer 1937,” Zegler said in a recent interview. “She’s not gonna be saved by the prince,” Zegler’s co-star emphasized, to which the lead actress agreed.

“She’s not gonna be saved by the prince and she’s not gonna be dreaming about ‘true love,’ she’s dreaming about becoming the leader she knows she can be.”

In his latest video, Valliant Renegade stated that Zegler’s statements are likely to anger Disney executives as they have the potential to tank the film’s reputation long before release. Over Disney’s last nine film releases, the company has lost more than one-billion-dollars due to expensive re-shoots, sky-high marketing budgets and lack of overall interest in the films.

While Disney has had some truly massive bombs on its hands over the last several years — the most notable being “Lightyear” and “Elemental” — the box office analyst believes “Snow White” could prove to be one of the company’s most expensive bombs yet.

“Here’s the bottom-line problem folks; the “Barbie” movie from Mattel and Warner Brothers right now is doing numbers that the “Little Mermaid” should have done several months ago but it didn’t. It’s probably gonna finish with about three times as much box office as the “Little Mermaid” did and that’s a shame for Disney. I don’t think “Snow White” is going to be any better,” Valliant Renegade said.

He went on to predict that “Snow White” will suffer from lack of nostalgia, as the original “Little Mermaid” film has had more recent cultural impact. “Matter of fact, I think the “Snow White” live-action remake is probably going to come in somewhere maybe around a half to two-thirds the box office of “The Little Mermaid,” at least as of right now,” he continued. “And the reason I say that is because “The Little Mermaid” is much more recent in memory. “The Little Mermaid” is much more recent in the public zeitgeist, the last two or three generations that grew up with the film, which produced some of the most popular music to ever come out of any Disney animated film in history.”

While “The Little Mermaid,” did rake in more than $600 million at the box office, the performance was not good enough to turn a profit due to the film’s massive budget and equally exuberant marketing costs. “Snow White” is looking to come in with a similar price tag of somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 to 250 million dollars and that’s before they spend another dime on marketing the film. That movie is going to have to get up to somewhere near six to seven hundred million on a bad day to even think about breaking even if not potentially closer to eight,” Valliant Renegade said.



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