WATCH: Hilarious Video Out Of Sturgis Shows Utter Humiliation For Bud Light, Budweiser

The annual bike rally in Sturgis is on for the 83rd time and, outside of the usual awesomeness of motorcyclists and bikers from across the country gathering for a massive event, one of the best things about the rally is that Budweiser got brutally humiliated by it.

As background for those who have been living under a rock since April 1 of this year, Bud Light and its sister brands, the most obvious of which is Budweiser, have been the target of conservative anger and boycotts ever since Bud Light had Dylan Mulvaney do an ad for it on TikTok. For whatever reason, that was the straw that broke the conservative camel’s back and the boycott began.

Since then, it’s been bad news, bad news, and more bad news for Bud Light. Its sales are down tremendously, it consistently gets roundly mocked in the conservative media ecosystem and on social media, and the system that supports it – the brewers, distributors, and bars that stock it – is infuriated by the shotgun blast it delivered to its own foot and the feet of those behind it.

In any case, some idiot at Anheuser-Busch InBev decided that the Sturgis rally would be a great place to set up a Budweiser tent, as if the Sturgis crowd is not the exact crowd that told that brand to shove it. Watch the hilarious video of the treatment Bud Light is getting at Sturgis here:

And the people there knew exactly what was happening, as a collection of commenters pointed out on the video of the Budweiser tent:

Another commenter joked that the video should give rise to a new phrase, first saying, “Lonelier than a Bud Light dealer at Sturgis” then adding, “Country music song writers I retain rights to that phrase!” Replying, another commenter joked, “Love this Mary. Showing my age here. I remember when the joke was “Lonelier than a Maytag repairman.” Now we have a Budweiser dealer at Sturgis.”

Joining the fun, another commenter laughed at Bud Light’s pain, saying, “😂 They earned it! They’ve been laying people off and having to sell off some of their brands. Billy Busch was quoted as saying his ancestors were rolling over in their graves. The CEO should have been fired. Go woke, go broke!“
Another wondered what fool thought that they’d have any success at such an event, saying, “Did they actually think they were gonna sell anything there?😂😂😂😂😂” But, then again, it’s the same company that did the Dylan Mulvaney ad in the first place…so any level of idiocy is possible.
Still another posted a picture and used personal experience to confirm Juanita’s reporting, saying that he had been there and absolutely no one was at the Budweiser tent, avoiding that area like a reactor at Chernobyl:Budweiser, despite being the swill that it is, used to be America’s brand. Bud Light and Bud heavy were the cans passed around dove fields, deer camp campfires, post-work construction crews, and bars in the heartland. Now it’s a joke that no one drinks.

Featured image credit: screengrab from the embedded video



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