Rude Passengers Won’t Make Room For The Wheelchair But They Get What’s Coming To Them

There is an old saying, ‘What goes around comes around.’ This has been the same for many years, with some people calling it karma and other people just saying you end up getting what’s coming to you.

We sometimes see this in action and when we do, it really makes us smile on the inside. Although we don’t necessarily want to gloat at somebody else’s discomfort, there are times when people get what they deserve and we can’t help but be happy about it.

This recently happened in Paris when a man by the name of Francois Le Berre was trying to board a bus. He was in a wheelchair, and there was a slight complication.

Le Berre was waiting for the bus when it arrived at the bus stop. The passengers on the bus would not move out of the way to allow him and his wheelchair to get on board.

That is when the bus driver stepped in to do something amazing. Rather than simply driving off and ignoring the man sitting there, he told everyone to get off the bus.

At that point, he went over to Le Berre and told him that he and his helper, who was Le Berre’s brother, to get on the bus.

This was when things really took a good turn. He told everyone else that had disembarked that they would have to wait until the next bus to get back on.



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