Tragedy: Alabama police officer shot and killed in line of duty – help us send our prayers

As per authorities, an Alabama cop was gunned down on Sunday while following up on an inquiry in Mobile.Officer Sean Tuder was performing some follow-up work on an inquiry when he was shot and killed by an accused, according to Police Chief Lawrence Battiste.The accused, Marco Perez, is already in police custody, however Battiste admitted he didn’t know if he was the shooter or not.

Mobile Police Department
Mobile cops sought Perez for property theft and for submitting a fraudulent police complaint. According to reports, federal investigators were also looking for him to have his probation revoked.

Tuder had worked with his department for less than five years when he was chosen “Officer of the Month” in August 2017. According to Battiste’s assessment, he “was really just beginning into that point of his profession when he began having a really big influence not just on the people in the neighbourhood, but the men and women that work here in this department.”



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