Teen can’t afford a prom dress, so her date makes a beautiful gown from scratch

It’s no question that prom can be expensive, but when Parker Smith learned that Addi Rust, his best friend and prom date, couldn’t afford a dress, he took matters into his own hands.

Without any prior sewing experience, Parker was determined to make sure Addi had her dream gown for Senior Prom.Parker started by talking to Addi about what she would wear if there were no financial obstacles. From there he made a few sketches until Addi saw something that fit the bill.Next, Parker turned to his grandmother for sewing lessons. For months he worked on the dress, even adding some finishing touches on the night before the big dance.

Addi was literally moved to tears when she saw the final product. She told Parker she felt like a real life princess!It wasn’t long before news of Parker’s kindness and incredible talent spread. As images of the pair went viral, Parker started getting requests for other custom clothes and costumes. A local theater reached out and asked Parker if he could design a gown for their upcoming production of Cinderella.

Parker couldn’t believe the volume of requests and quickly recognized a career opportunity.Now in college, Parker is studying costume design and musical theater. He hopes to one day design and produce costumes for Broadway productions. There’s no doubt he’s likely to succeed in that effort!

Watch the video below to learn more about Parker’s incredible talent and how a single act of kindness opened the door for a full career.



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