A Jamaican business owner who rents out private cottages for stay is facing backlash for proudly disinviting Black American travelers to her property because of all the “problems” they bring.

A TikTok user by the name of The Barefoot Island Lady uses the platform to promote her community of private cottages available to rent or stay during a visit to the island of Jamaica. Videos show the 41-year-old Jamaica native caring for her business named Rustic Mountain Living, throwing events for her guests, and even performing comedy skits. But she ended up going viral for her recent declaration against Black American travelers. It all kicked off on Monday when the business owner posted a video announcing the end of short-term stays “thanks to some Americans.”By Tuesday, she followed up with a “full explanation” on why she ended her short-term stays due to her stance against “Black American” travelers.

“I have African people stay here. I have Jamaican people stay here. I have white people stay here. I have Spanish people stay here. And I have Black Americans stay here,” she explained.“I’M NOT SAYING NOT ALL BLACK AMERICANS ARE BAD. BUT THE ONES THAT CAME TO MY PLACE, HAVE BEEN NOTHING BUT PROBLEM.”After noting the “two” Black American travelers she had a good experience with, she called out the remaining visitors who came to her establishment and would fight all night with each other, among other things.THEY’RE DISRESPECTFUL, THEY’RE ENTITLED, THEY’RE UNAPPRECIATIVE,” SHE QUIPPED.“And it is that way because America have spoiled them and give them so much free sh*t where they think they can come to Jamaica and get the same free sh*t and be nasty about it.”

With such a strong stance against Black American travelers, and posting her rant on TikTok of all places, it didn’t take too long for The Barefoot Island Lady to come under fire across social media.“I was looking to book & take my 10 yr old for a mnth long experience, this just isn’t energy I want to endure,” one TikTok user wrote.But the businessowner doubled down saying, “you don’t have to come here.”Once the post was shared on Twitter, she faced more mixed reactions with some bashing her decision and others criticizing the Black American travelers the initial post applied to.

“The solution is easy, don’t spend your money there, give her what she wants,” one user tweeted. “Black Americans spend more money over there than any other demographic. So she’ll feel the result of this decision eventually.”“She did say “not all” so if you feel some way about this it’s cause ur the type of person who does this,” another person wrote. “It’s some of y’all who do this to African American business owners. Want free stuff, fight in their establishments, ETC.”The Rustic Mountain Living business owner has only doubled down on her stance and told social media she will not be “bullied” into changing her mind to appease others.



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