A father goes to college to help his autistic son: they both end up getting degrees

The task of a parent is to educate and support their children throughout a significant portion of their lives. It is therefore important not only to give them rules and examples to follow, but also to make them understand that we are on their side, that we support them in their choices, and that we are there to help them along their path so that they can live as peacefully as possible. Some children need more particular attention, like the boy in this story.

His father showed incredible sensitivity, going so far as to make a truly unique and wonderful gesture.

Luís Felipe Soares, 47, is the father of Lucas Weberling, a young man with Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism. Unfortunately, Lucas’s condition has led him to experience several negative experiences: he was a victim of bullying several times while in primary and secondary school.



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