“There’s always been interest between Dave and I” – When Batista dated current WWE star

Batista signed with WWE in 2000 and made his main roster debut nearly two years later. He has since been involved in romantic relationships with several of his WWE co-workers, like Melina, Kelly Kelly, and Rosa Mendes.

In 2019, The Animal and former 24/7 Champion Dana Brooke started flirting on Twitter. Brooke then suggested the two go out on a date, which the Hollywood star accepted.“We went out, we were great, great, great friends, we’ve been to the Meat Market down in Tampa, we go to [Edison], also in Tampa, so we kept in great contact. There’s always been interest between Dave and I as far as friendships and everything. We share a lot in common as far as being in the business and outside, and being very passionate about giving back and charity work as well.”

Dana said things did not work out between them due to their busy schedules.

“It’s just with my schedule being so so busy, and Dave doing a lot of movies, our times are very limited. But we still communicate, we still talk on a regular basis, my boyfriend now [Uly Diaz] and him also have a lot in common as far as the fight game goes,” she said.



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