Mother hires repairman to fix her furnace but what he wrote on the bill is unbelievable

Bridget’s a busy Mother of two and when she needs things done around the house that she can’t do, like fixing her furnace or household appliances, she normally turns to her husband for help. However, these days she can’t do that.

Bridget’s husband is currently deployed as an active member of the armed forces, so it’s out of his hands. When Bridget came home to a freezing house, she knew it was too cold for her children. She called Betlyn Heating and Cooling and the owner said he would help her.

As Paul, the owner of the HVAC company, was working on her furnace, he took the time to ask Bridget a little about herself and gleaned that her husband was an active duty soldier currently stationed over seas.

When Bridget went to pay him for his services, he gave her a receipt. There was a note:

“After he was finished, I was a little apprehensive about how much it was going to cost. He handed me the slip that is in this photo.”

The handyman Paul gave her a “Deployment Discount.” The total bill for the service was $1. What an amazing story!



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