The View producer forced to edit show after Whoopi Goldberg drops ‘unacceptable’ word on air that slipped through

WHOOPI Goldberg has made The View producer scramble to edit the show after she dropped an unacceptable word on air.

The View’s executive producer, Brian Teta, opened up about the mishap on Friday’s episode of The View: Behind the Table podcast.It was first brought up by Whoopi’s co-host, Ana Navarro, 51, during her guest appearance on the podcast.

The talk show host had a major bone to pick with Brian, who she argued allowed Whoopi, 68, to curse on camera despite previously censoring Ana for making the same move.

“I was watching…the first segment, low and behold, I heard Whoopi say [bleep], which you never let me say, but I heard her say it,” Ana complained.

Brian then admitted that Whoopi’s foul language was unexpected and caused significant edits behind the scenes to take it out.”First of all, what happened was Whoopi did say that. It was then corrected on the West Coast, it was corrected on social media and on YouTube and everywhere else, and it was sound-dropped properly.

“Today, you yelled it out at the end of the show again, and they bleeped you in real-time,” Brian explained.

Ana was referring to the November 16 episode where Whoopi accidentally slipped and said an NSFW word while discussing a controversial solution to young Americans being misinformed about the news through social media.

“Well, I think if people grew some c,”Listen, in this country, yes, you have the ability to say whatever you want to say. You can be anonymous. But I think if you’re going to be there giving your opinion about whatever it is, we should be able to engage,” the TV personality continued.

As Brian mentioned on the podcast, the word was censored afterward on all social media platforms and later airings.

This isn’t the first time Whoopi has made seemingly inappropriate comments on the show.

During her special birthday episode last week, Whoopi revealed she’s open to starting an OnlyFans when she gets older.

It happened after she mentioned supermodel Carol Alt, 62, launching her account on the adult subscription-only app, posting what she called some tasteful nudes.

“She said she’s doing it because it’s the first time in her career that she’ll have control over her own image,” Whoopi explained.s and made the laws work for the people in their respective countries -” the Sister Act star began.


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