The View’s Whoopi Goldberg slams co-host Joy Behar for missing major event after ‘expecting’ her presence

THE View’s Joy Behar has opened up about the now infamous lasagna-gate incident on The View: Behind The Table podcast.

The View’s executive producer, Brian Teta, wanted to know about the lasagna that disappeared in Joy’s home around Whoopi Goldberg’s birthdayJoy, 81, revealed at the beginning of her story that over this past weekend, she had cooked three lasagnas because she always makes the casseroles in quantity.

She explained that she had put one of the lasagnas in her freezer to give to her View co-host Whoopi, 68, on her recent birthday, which was Monday.Another lasagna was for the TV personality and her husband, Steve Janowitz, to eat.

Joy gave the third lasagna to someone who had been “begging her for one.”The ABC anchor confessed that the lasagna she had put up for the Color Purple actress went missing, and she doesn’t know how.

Joy disclosed that she had “whipped up” another lasagna for Whoopi before she came back to The View on Tuesday.She did so because the EGOT-winner typically expects one of Joy’s beloved lasagnas for her birthday.Brian divulged that on Monday, when Joy was absent, Whoopi asked production several times “where her damn lasagna was.”

It’s no secret that Whoopi is in love with Joy’s beloved home-cooked meal.

During an episode of The View that aired in June, the morning show hosts discussed picky eaters in their Hot Topics segment.Near the end of the segment, Whoopi shared advice, encouraging the picky eater to eat before they go anywhere, as she does.

Just in case they don’t like the food there.

Right before producers cut to a commercial break, Joy scoffed at Whoopi’s advice, disbelievingly saying: “Alright.”When Whoopi called her out about her sarcastic “alright,” asking her in an annoyed tone, “did you just say alright?,” Joy spilled the beans about the award-winning comedian.

“I was gonna say you eat my entire lasagna, so let’s not go there,” Joy divulged.Taking responsibility for it, Whoopi confirmed: “That’s right, I’m not gone lie. I will eat it, and I will break your fingers if you try to get some.”

Since the commercial was underway, it prevented Whoopi from being further embarrassed by Joy.However, in past episodes, Whoopi came very close to not being saved by the commercial break.

Rumors have been rampant that Whoopi is leaving The View.In October, she spoke out about speculation from fans that she’s retiring from daytime TV at 16 years.Speaking with The U.S. Sun, Whoopi said: “I’ve done nothing but retire. I’ve been retired my whole career, so I kind of like that, yeah.”


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