Whoopi Goldberg ‘Tips Her Dreads’ to Kim Kardashian for CreatingNippIe Bra

You can count Whoopi Goldberg as one of Kim Kardashian’s legions of admirers.

On Wednesday’s episode of The View, Goldberg commended the new Ultimate NippIe Bra, introduced by Kardashian’s SKIMS brand last week.

“I have to tell you, it’s great for women who have had mastectomies,” Goldberg said. “It’s great if you have nippIes that are not functioning the way — or looking the way — you’re comfortable with.”

The Oscar winner touted the push-up bra’s ingenuity, which comes with built-in nipIes.

“For those women out there for whom this is important for your self-esteem, I have to tip my dreads to her,” Goldberg continued. “It’s a thoughtful bra. I appreciate that she’s done it.”

Goldberg also noted that “this idea has never been done by anyone before.”

“Victoria’s Secret tried it, but it was not successful because, in a way, it wasn’t serious,” she explained. “This is serious. I’m just so proud of this girl.”


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