Whoopi Goldberg abruptly goes missing from The View as Joy Behar teases reason for co-host’s absence

THE View’s Whoopi Goldberg has taken the day off from moderating the daytime show on Wednesday.

Joy Behar teased the reason her co-star was absent from the program as the 81-year-old comedian took over as moderator in Whoopi’s place, but she stayed tight-lipped on the details.As The View hosts came out at the start of the new broadcast to take their seats, Joy walked not to her usual place but to Whoopi’s.

Once everyone was seated, she told viewers that it was clear Whoopi was not there for Wednesday’s show.

“Welcome to The View. As you can see, Whoopi is off today,” Joy said.

The comedian then cryptically shared of her co-host’s absence: “She’s off doing something really exciting. But I can’t tell you what it is.”

Joy added: “Because we want you to watch on Monday when she’ll tell you what it is. OK? But trust me, it’s a good one.”

This little tease didn’t stop fans from asking on social media about where Whoopi is and why she’s not on The View.

Instead, it only added another question of what the surprise Joy mentioned would be.

It was not revealed whether Whoopi’s absence will continue until Monday or if that’s just when her exciting news will be shared but she’ll be back before then.Amid Whoopi’s absence, the show’s celebrity guest on Wednesday wondered if there was an opening in the hosting panel for herself.

Kanye West’s ex Julia Fox was on the program to promote her new memoir, Down the Drain.

As soon as the model sat down with the hosts at the table, she quickly asked: “Are you guys hiring?”

She explained that she was inquiring as she “really liked it” on the show.

Alyssa Farah Griffin quickly responded, telling Julia: “And you look great here!”


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