The View fans beg show to hire beloved guest host to permanently ‘replace’ Sunny Hostin as panelist

THE View fans have begged the show to permanently replace Sunny Hostin with guest host Rachel Lindsay.

It seems Rachel Lindsay’s recent guest stint on the most recent episode of The View was well-received.It was so well-received, in fact, that some viewers want Rachel to permanently replace Sunny.

Rachel was on deck while Whoopi Goldberg was out and about in Rome.

Sunny has rubbed some fans the wrong way with her “rude” behavior, including having her phone ring while the show was live on air.

Viewers have taken Sunny to task for a variety of transgressions they’ve perceived as rude over the years.While the most recent episode of the show was airing, fans took to social media to share their thoughts on Rachel.

“I pray they keep bringing Lindsey on to test replacing Sunny🙏🏾 #TheView,” one fan wrote.

Another commented: “Did not know Rachel was going to be on. I hope they are screen testing again! #TheView”

A third viewer agreed: “Same,” in tune with the idea that they wanted Rachel to host again.ONE CALL AWAY
Recently, Sunny clarified why sometimes her phone rings while she co-hosts the morning show.

Sunny revealed that she likes to be reachable for her children Paloma and Gabriel at all times during a recent podcast.

Sunny’s, 54, admission came about after The View’s executive producer, Brian Teta, 47, disclosed to the co-anchor that he had a “semi-bone to pick with her.”

Their heart-to-heart was captured on a recent episode of the morning show’s podcast, Behind The Table.

“It’s not a big deal, but the phone rang today during the show,” Brian began.

“This has been a long history, not just you, but I’d say all the ladies…”

In response, the former CNN legal analyst confessed that she had “an explanation” for her phone ringing.

Sunny stated: “The only reason I have my phone at all with me for this one hour of television is because of the children.”

Sunny and her husband Emmanual Hostin share their two kids, Paloma, 17, and Gabriel, 21.

Though Brian admitted that Sunny’s reasoning “made sense,” he expressed that he “had suggested banishing all phones from the table.”

Sunny held fast to her truth, telling the production higher-up that her kids were “the only reason” her phone was on her during filming.

“I have it [her phone] set so that the only time it rings is if it’s Paloma or Gabriel,” she disclosed.

“They have been instructed, that they can not call me between 11 and 12. If they text me, I hear a little ding. And then I could look at the text.

“It’s pretty imperceptible; I don’t think you heard the ding.”

Brian confirmed that he didn’t think he had ever “heard the ding.”

Sunny went on to reveal that her kids had actually “dinged her during the show.”

The TV personality then shared that her daughter had Brown Syndrome, a disease that affects the eyes.

“[Brown Syndrome] causes her to need about 2-3 times the amount [of time] to read the same thing that it would take an average child,” Sunny elaborated.

Honest truths are often shared on the podcast.

Sunny admitted during an episode of The View’s Behind The Table podcast that she and a special co-star had a relationship that extended beyond work.

The lawyer’s disclosure came amid the moderators discussing their approach to the famed Hot Topics segment.

Sunny confessed that she’s often a “blurter” in the daily on-air debates, much like her co-anchor Joy Behar, 80.

“Joy is a blurter too. We have that in common. Joy and I, I feel like, are the most alike on the panel, actually,” she divulged.

The program’s producer, Brian, expressed that Sunny’s tidbit was “interesting,” which seemed to encourage her to drop more facts about the crew.

“Yeah, I do. We agree on most things, believe it or not, and I spend a lot of time with her outside the studio,” Sunny said of her and Joy’s relationship.

“I think a lot of people don’t know that either. I go to lunch with her, I go to Sag Harbor with her, I go to her house, I drop by and we blurt.

“I regret my blurts, but she does not.”


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