Raiders DE Maxx Crosby on training camp fight with Rams RB Cam Akers: ‘He got what he got’

An old rivalry resurfaced during joint practices between the Rams and Raiders on Wednesday in Southern California.

Rams running back Cam Akers and Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby got into a fracas when Crosby attempted to punch the ball out of Akers’ hands at the end of a play. Akers didn’t take too kindly to Crosby’s try-hard finish to the rep, and despite a significant size difference — Akers stands at 5-foot-10, while Crosby is a healthy 6-5 — the running back let Crosby know of his displeasure, sparking a skirmish in which punches were thrown between the two.

A melee ensued, with both teams clashing on the field before being separated. Rams coach Sean McVay sent Akers to the showers, while Crosby — having no locker to be sent to, since the visiting Raiders bussed to practice — sat out the rest of the team period of practice on the sideline.

Crosby was anything but contrite when asked about the scuffle afterward.

“S—, I was just doing what I do, and he didn’t like that,” Crosby said. “So, he got what he got. It is what it is.”

As for what exactly Akers “got,” well he seemed to disagree with how Crosby framed the altercation.


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