Megan Rapinoe is most famous for having blue hair, really hating America, and being one of the most irritating people on planet Earth.
According to Rapinoe, the national anthem is bad and America is a deeply racist and sexist place that also happens to pay her way too much money to play a sport no one has ever watched, except once every four years when we all pretend to be interested in women’s soccer.

Over the weekend, Rapinoe had an opportunity to push the United States women’s national soccer team into the next round of the Women’s World Cup. Instead, she missed a crucial penalty kick by a mile and Sweden booted the U.S. out of contention.
Bizarrely enough, Rapinoe started laughing and smiling after she missed the shot. To be fair, people often react in strange ways when bad things happen. I’m not going to blame her for laughing and then crying.
The problem is not that Megan Rapinoe missed a penalty shot or had a weird reaction afterward. Again, the problem is that she’s a terrible person who insists America is a horrible place while raking in millions of dollars playing a sport that no one cares about.
And so, as this is her last World Cup, we bid a not particularly fond farewell to Megan Rapinoe. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.


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