His parents abandoned him at the first chance because they didn’t even want to see him when he was born because he looked too strange.

The Inspiring Journey of Zebadiah: Overcoming Challenges and Finding a Loving Family
His parents left him in a Ukrainian hospital after learning that he had hydrocephalus.

Zebadiah’s life took a difficult turn when his parents abandoned him upon discovering his condition, hydrocephalus. Left behind at a Ukrainian hospital, he was later transferred to an orphanage in Kramatorsk, Eastern Ukraine, specifically for children with disabilities.

The staff at the orphanage worried that he wouldn’t mature properly due to the lack of growth he was making at the time.

At the tender age of four, Zebadiah faced significant developmental challenges. He struggled with basic tasks such as eating and walking, raising concerns among the orphanage staff about his overall growth and well-being.

Being alive and well at that time was seen as a miracle by Dima and the personnel at the orphanage.

Despite the hardships he faced, every day Zebadiah remained alive and healthy was considered a miraculous feat by both Zebadiah himself and the caring personnel at the orphanage.

The residents of the orphanage anticipated Dima would be one of the casualties of the fighting due to a lack of food, water, and medicine. Before he ‘went,’ they even invited a priest to the room to pray for him.

Amidst the conflict in 2014, the orphanage residents, including Zebadiah, found themselves compelled to leave and seek refuge in a safer location. Their departure was accompanied by grave concerns that Zebadiah, like many others, would succumb to the lack of essential resources such as food, water, and medicine. In anticipation of his uncertain fate, the residents even arranged for a priest to visit and pray for his well-being.


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